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Celebrations Abound:  From Cinco de Mayo to July 4th
Lake Murray Members Enjoy It All

Some may think multiple event over a weekend are too much; but Lake Murray members turned out for it all and had a terrific time on the water and on land!

As everyone knows, Flotilla Fridays is a wonderful way to start the weekend on the water -- or come on out to Flotilla Island by land if you must, either way you're welcome and this is a wonderful casual gathering to get to know your fellow Lake Murray boaters. Bring something to grill, bring something to share, or just show up to tell tall boat tales and enjoy each other company. So after starting our weekend with such a congenial fashion on 4 May, all those without boats to spend the night on came back out Saturday for a full day of sun and fun! Please check out the photos below to see what we're talking about.

Lake Murray Resort invited us to start our day with them. They opened their membership-only facility for a delightful beach party, complete with games, good food, drink and fellowship. Lake Murray member P/Lt/C Sho Fagg, who manages the resort, had t-shirts for everyone and dock hands to help get us tied up on arrival. After lunch, we headed back down the lake, stopping for a raft up at No Name Cove so the Commander could dangle his toes in the lake! Before long, however, it was time to get back to Flotilla for our Derby Party/Cinco de Mayo Celebration. Salsarita's catered a delicious meal and we enjoyed Margaritas by Rita Strohecker who brought out her super duty margarita machine! We even had a short business meeting and swore in our most recent new members!

After kicking off May with such a marvelous first weekend, we tried it all over again for the Fourth of July, which we really celebrated early on 30 June to coincide with the annual Fourth of July Fireworks. We welcomed home the Charles family (retiring U.S. Army Colonel Mike Charles served as Squadron Chaplin in 1998), and recognized P/C Jerry Wise and 1st Lt Howard Pendley by placing their names on the Squadron's Senior Navigator Plaque. We again swore in new members before enjoying a tasty BBQ buffet by the Freedom and Hope Foundation. Freedom and Hope Foundation is a South Carolina non-profit incorporated in 2010 to provide fishing and hunting activities as recreational therapy for children with life-threatening diseases and for wounded military, both active duty and veterans. Lake Murray members were pleased to enjoy such a wonderful meal and to know the proceeds from the dinner, and the sale of extra BBQ, went to support an outstanding organization.

We capped the evening by watching the annual fireworks from our boats, as well as waterfront at Flotilla. Don't miss out on our next event -- a look at our photos will show you the kind of fun you'll be missing out on!

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Updated 24 April 2018
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