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Lake Murray Power Squadron Members Enjoy
the Georgetown Wooden Boat Show

by P/C Debra Allen, AP

We missed the Georgetown Wooden Boat Show in 2015 due to October's great flood. So, we weren't about to let Hurricane Matthew keep us away for another year. It was determined that it probably wasn't safe for those towing to Charleston to put in on the rivers and travel by ICW, so we "cruised" by land and aided the local economy by filling hotel rooms instead of slips at the marina.

One Lake Murray craft did come by water, which ended up being a good thing. The Joe and Janet Lockhart cruised down from Osprey Marina to Georgetown and learned that while they were in Georgetown, rising water resulting from Hurricane Matthew was causing the docks to float perilously close to the top of the pilings back Osprey. So they stayed a little longer than planned in Georgetown while the flood waters receded.

All in all, kudos go to our cruise leader, P/C Charlie Bruce and his wife Diane, who offered the alternative cruise. And they also invited those of us without hotel rooms to stay at his family's nearby house. FYI, the family is selling the house in Litchfield in case you want to give him a call about it! All told, I counted 21 Lake Murray Power Squadron members in attendance and enjoying Georgetown's Boat Show. Charlie and Diane hosted 18 of us for a delicious Low Country Boil on Saturday night, and even invited Litchfield neighbors (R/C David Allen's cousin and her husband) to join the group!

Check out the photos below to see how much fun we had at the 2016 Georgetown Boat Show. Especially enjoyable was Sunday's first ever cardboard boat race by local youth. The crowd loved the event and it had several Lake Murray Power Squadron members fondly reminiscing about our participation in a cardboard boat race at a District 26 meeting! I understand that we still have the boat if anyone is up for such a fun competition again. But, given the looks on the kids' faces in Georgetown, let's wait for warmer weather. By the way, check out the photo below of the cardboard boat "Tuna" - it even had a cup holder!

WoodenBoatShow2016_001 WoodenBoatShow2016_002 WoodenBoatShow2016_003 WoodenBoatShow2016_004 WoodenBoatShow2016_005 WoodenBoatShow2016_006
WoodenBoatShow2016_007 WoodenBoatShow2016_008 WoodenBoatShow2016_009 WoodenBoatShow2016_010 WoodenBoatShow2016_011 WoodenBoatShow2016_012
WoodenBoatShow2016_013 WoodenBoatShow2016_014 WoodenBoatShow2016_015 WoodenBoatShow2016_016 WoodenBoatShow2016_017 WoodenBoatShow2016_018
WoodenBoatShow2016_019 WoodenBoatShow2016_020 WoodenBoatShow2016_021 WoodenBoatShow2016_022 WoodenBoatShow2016_023 WoodenBoatShow2016_024
WoodenBoatShow2016_025 WoodenBoatShow2016_026 WoodenBoatShow2016_027 WoodenBoatShow2016_028 WoodenBoatShow2016_029 WoodenBoatShow2016_030
WoodenBoatShow2016_031 WoodenBoatShow2016_032 WoodenBoatShow2016_033 WoodenBoatShow2016_034 WoodenBoatShow2016_035 WoodenBoatShow2016_036

Updated 22 March 2017
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