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Lake Murray Members Enjoy Annual Oyster Roast

About 100 Lake Murray Power Squadron members and their guests enjoyed a terrific oyster roast on 31 January 2015 at Flotilla Island, especially since the weather was much nicer than it has been in the past. Highlighting this year's oyster roast was D/C Andy Hyman, SN-ACN giving the oath of office to Lt/C Bryant Blakeslee, AP, who was sworn in as the squadron's Executive Officer.

All told, P/C Lee Ayers, SN and his crew of volunteers cooked up 100 pounds of shrimp and 9 bushels of oysters. A special thanks to Lt/C Janice Ayers, AP and her volunteers for the side dishes and setting up the building for lunch. Last, but not least, thanks to all the members who assisted with the clean-up after eating all those oysters and shrimp.

Take a look at our photo gallery to see what you missed.

2015OysterRoast_0002 2015OysterRoast_0003 2015OysterRoast_0005 2015OysterRoast_0009 2015OysterRoast_0013 2015OysterRoast_0014 2015OysterRoast_0020 2015OysterRoast_0022
2015OysterRoast_0024 2015OysterRoast_0026 2015OysterRoast_0027 2015OysterRoast_0033 2015OysterRoast_0036 2015OysterRoast_0044 2015OysterRoast_0050 2015OysterRoast_0053
2015OysterRoast_0055 2015OysterRoast_0059 2015OysterRoast_0064 2015OysterRoast_0065 2015OysterRoast_0066 2015OysterRoast_0067 2015OysterRoast_0068 2015OysterRoast_0077
2015OysterRoast_0092 2015OysterRoast_0093 2015OysterRoast_0097 2015OysterRoast_0098 2015OysterRoast_0101 2015OysterRoast_0102 2015OysterRoast_0103 2015OysterRoast_0106
2015OysterRoast_0109 2015OysterRoast_0110 2015OysterRoast_0111 2015OysterRoast_0113 2015OysterRoast_0117 2015OysterRoast_0120 2015OysterRoast_0121 2015OysterRoast_0123

Updated 22 March 2017
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