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Weather Holds Good for 19 March Oyster Roast

This year's meeting schedule required us to hold our oyster roast on 19 March instead of holding it in January or February, which turned out perfectly for the 133 members of Lake Murray Power Squadron and their guests who were in attendance at this annual event. Without a doubt this is one of the favorite events of the year and 2016 was no exception.

Cook Extraordinaire Lee Ayers steamed 10 bushels of oysters and 100 pounds of shrimp for our hungry crowd, while Executive Officer Janice Ayers and Administrative Officer Kes Crumpler provided our sides and a most wonderful dessert. While some were disappointed that there were no shrimp to peel, others enjoyed not having to peel their shrimp before eating. The shrimp issue became apparent Saturday morning when it was discovered that our seafood supplier had sent us shelled shrimp. It was too late to do anything about the mix up, but P/C Ayers proved flexible and cooked those shrimp perfectly.

The Oyster Roast was combined with the squadron's first Flotilla Friday Cruise & Rendezvous, which attracted seven boats, along with a number of participants who arrived by car to enjoy an evening of grilling and discussions around a bonfire about this year's boating activities. Four boats stayed overnight and were joined by others who arrived by water for Saturday's Oyster Roast. Before getting down to eating Saturday, D/26 Commander Andy Hyman presented P/C Debra Allen her USPS Life Membership as a recipient of 25 merit marks. He also recognized other Life Members in attendance at the meeting. LMPS Commander Jerry Wise then swore in new members who were in attendance.

The weekend weather was beautiful, with the rain holding off until Saturday night following another evening bonfire and a game of giant Jenga. We even helped squadron members Tommy Clawson and John Dingle celebrate their birthdays during the weekend. By Sunday morning, passengers on the four boats that remained for a second night on the docks were greeted by an overcast sky and cold winds! To see the fun that you missed out on, click on the first thumbnail below to open a slide show of Lake Murray Power Squadron's March Oyster Roast.

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OysterRoast2016_0028 OysterRoast2016_0030 OysterRoast2016_0031 OysterRoast2016_0032 OysterRoast2016_0033 OysterRoast2016_0034
OysterRoast2016_0035 OysterRoast2016_0036 OysterRoast2016_0038 OysterRoast2016_0043 OysterRoast2016_0048 OysterRoast2016_0049
OysterRoast2016_0050 OysterRoast2016_0052 OysterRoast2016_0053 OysterRoast2016_0054 OysterRoast2016_0055 OysterRoast2016_0056
OysterRoast2016_0059 OysterRoast2016_0060 OysterRoast2016_0061 OysterRoast2016_0065 OysterRoast2016_0066 OysterRoast2016_0069
OysterRoast2016_0072 OysterRoast2016_0073 OysterRoast2016_0075 OysterRoast2016_0076 OysterRoast2016_0085 OysterRoast2016_0086
OysterRoast2016_0087 OysterRoast2016_0088 OysterRoast2016_0089 OysterRoast2016_0090 OysterRoast2016_0091 OysterRoast2016_0092
OysterRoast2016_0093 OysterRoast2016_0095 OysterRoast2016_0097 OysterRoast2016_0106 OysterRoast2016_0107 OysterRoast2016_0108
OysterRoast2016_0109 OysterRoast2016_0110 OysterRoast2016_0112 OysterRoast2016_0114 OysterRoast2016_0125 OysterRoast2016_0132
OysterRoast2016_0135 OysterRoast2016_0136 OysterRoast2016_0139

Updated 22 March 2017
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