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Roasting Oysters and Boiling Shrimp:
Lake Murray Members Celebrate March in Style

By Cdr Janice Ayers, AP

The saying goes, “March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb.” What about the middle of the month? It’s LMPS Oyster Roast time! Chef Lee and his helpers cooked 480 pounds of oysters and 80 pounds of shrimp. Guess what? There were hardly any left! Ninety-eight members and their guests ate their way through them with a chilly breeze blowing across the island and the sun peeking through the clouds. Several children were with us running around the island and having a big time.

Amidst the culinary feasting, a business meeting was held welcoming our guests, swearing in new members and announcing District and National awards. New members attending were Doug Dahlgren, Chuck and Cathy Wesley, and Bill and Kay Rickey; and every member present took the USPS Pledge right along with them. Lake Murray earned the Boating Activities award which was given to our Boating Chair, Lt Chuck Clark. National's coveted Distinguished Communicator Award was given to P/C Debra Allen, AP for the LMPS website and to Janet Floyd for our newsletter publication, The Log Jam. David Moxley wasn’t in attendance but was recognized with a USPS certificate for his efforts in Cooperative Charting. He is the “go to” guy for the maintenance of the reference lights on Lake Murray.

We were hoping to end the evening with a “Bond Fire” but the wind deterred us; although it didn’t keep us from hanging around to watch a gorgeous sunset over Lake Murray. Another awesome Oyster Roast in the LMPS books! Check out the photos to see what memories were made and plan on attending Shake 'N Break and Member Appreciation on 22 April to create some memories of your own. Thanks to event photographers, Debra Allen and Lt Joe McElveen. Remember that we are always looking for good photos of our members as they safely enjoy Lake Murray and all of our various events. If you have a photo, or two or three, be sure to pass them on for use in The Log Jam, or on the website or our Facebook page! Click on the first thumbnail and the slide show will open.

2017_OysterRoast_006 2017_OysterRoast_010 2017_OysterRoast_014 2017_OysterRoast_021 2017_OysterRoast_023
2017_OysterRoast_025 2017_OysterRoast_028 2017_OysterRoast_031 2017_OysterRoast_034 2017_OysterRoast_038
2017_OysterRoast_039 2017_OysterRoast_048 2017_OysterRoast_049 2017_OysterRoast_053 2017_OysterRoast_057
2017_OysterRoast_058 2017_OysterRoast_062 2017_OysterRoast_063 2017_OysterRoast_064 2017_OysterRoast_065
2017_OysterRoast_073 2017_OysterRoast_076 2017_OysterRoast_083 2017_OysterRoast_084 2017_OysterRoast_088
2017_OysterRoast_096 2017_OysterRoast_100 2017_OysterRoast_104 2017_OysterRoast_109 2017_OysterRoast_112
2017_OysterRoast_114 2017_OysterRoast_116 2017_OysterRoast_122 2017_OysterRoast_123 2017_OysterRoast_135

Updated 22 March 2017
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