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Spectacular Smoked Brisket and Salmon Highlight
Lake Murray Cruise to Clouds Creek


No, it wasn't a new restaurant. It was Betsy Agar's home recipe for smoking brisket. And, for those who preferred, she smoked some delicious salmon. However, the 27 members who enjoyed Betsy's and Rick's hospitality on 22 May 2021 found they really liked both! To round out the luncheon hosted by the Agar's at their lake-front home on Clouds Creek everyone contributed a covered dish. The table was filled with Cole Slaw, Green Bean Salad, Past Salads, Potato Salad, a fresh green salad, and then there were the desserts!

Thanks to P/C Rick and Lt/C Betsy for again hosting the 3rd Annual Clouds Creek Cruise. It was a beautiful Saturday as P/C RJ Becht lead the group of 11 boats to our destination. We left Flotilla Island on time at 1100 and had two boats join us as we reached Billy Dreher Island. Our only excitement was when Pair-A-Docs was unable to go under the first bridge and had to drop anchor across from Big Man's while Airborne Lady Deuce was able to slide under with no problem. John and Peggy Dingle, and Peggy's brother, Earl, were able to hitch a ride with Eva and Scott O'Brian and arrived to enjoy the feast with the rest of the group. New members Jennifer and Gene Butler braved the wilds of Saluda County and found the Agar's home by land!

To see what you missed so you will know to participate next time the Agar's invite the squadron to cruise up to their home dock, click on a thumbnail below to open a slide show.

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Updated 26 May 2021
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