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July Fourth – What a Celebration!

Members of Lake Murray Power Squadron were happy to once again be able to gather at Flotilla Island to celebrate July Fourth by watching the annual July Fourth Boat Parade, eating delicious barbeque, and watching a spectacular fireworks display!

Commander Ed Garbe and his trusty assistants cooked over 100 pounds of pork, along with 40 chicken breasts. Ultimately, we fed 120 adults and eight children, although it was estimated we packed more than 150 on the island for the day’s festivities.

Check out the photos below to see what fun we had – click on the first thumbnail to open the “slideshow.”

2021JulyFourth_001 2021JulyFourth_002 2021JulyFourth_003 2021JulyFourth_004 2021JulyFourth_005
2021JulyFourth_006 2021JulyFourth_007 2021JulyFourth_008 2021JulyFourth_009 2021JulyFourth_010
2021JulyFourth_011 2021JulyFourth_012 2021JulyFourth_013 2021JulyFourth_014 2021JulyFourth_015
2021JulyFourth_016 2021JulyFourth_017 2021JulyFourth_018 2021JulyFourth_019 2021JulyFourth_020
2021JulyFourth_021 2021JulyFourth_022 2021JulyFourth_023 2021JulyFourth_024 2021JulyFourth_025
2021JulyFourth_026 2021JulyFourth_027 2021JulyFourth_028 2021JulyFourth_029 2021JulyFourth_030
2021JulyFourth_031 2021JulyFourth_032 2021JulyFourth_033 2021JulyFourth_034 2021JulyFourth_035
2021JulyFourth_036 2021JulyFourth_037 2021JulyFourth_038 2021JulyFourth_039 2021JulyFourth_040

Updated 10 August 2021
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