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Summer Fun with Lake Murray Power Squadron

It was a fun-filled June and July 2016 for members of the Lake Murray Power Squadron. On 17-18 June there was our annual Member Appreciation Lunch, which was preceded by a Flotilla Friday and following lunch on Saturday members cruised to No Name Cove for the summer's first Log Jam. If you missed Log Jam #1, be sure to put Log Jam #2 on your calendar. It is scheduled for Saturday 13 August.

The July Fourth brought a long weekend filled with squadron activities, including a terrific BBQ lunch prepared by P/D/C Jim Rakes, who was assisted by his wife Betty and daughter Heather. The weekend started with a Flotilla Friday, but the highlight of the weekend was the annual fireworks display Saturday evening that is sponsored by the Lake Murray Country Regional Tourism Board. According to WIS-TV, it took 1,800 shells, 800 hours of labor and a year of planning to make the 25-minute show absolute perfection. Sunday and Monday found folks rafting up around the lake and trying to keep cool by just floating in the water as the Midlands began a record-breaking number of triple-digit temperature days!

Wrapping up the slide show below are scenes from our Saturday 9 July small boat cruise to Lake Greenwood, S.C. It had been several years since the squadron had taken this cruise and R/C David Allen enjoyed introducing it to a group of 10 boats and 25 members. It was a great day trip and everyone seemed to enjoy the hospitality at Harris Landing where we enjoyed pimento cheese burgers and added our "signed" dollar bills to the wall decoration.

Look closely at the photos below - just click on the first thumbnail and the slide show will open for you to manually scroll through. If you look closely, you can see that our June-July activities yielded another Rusty Anchor nominee and a Bent Prop nominee (well, not exactly a bent prop, but there was a towline required)!

2016MbrLunchLogJam_001 2016MbrLunchLogJam_002 2016MbrLunchLogJam_003 2016MbrLunchLogJam_004 2016MbrLunchLogJam_005 2016MbrLunchLogJam_006 2016MbrLunchLogJam_007 2016MbrLunchLogJam_008 2016MbrLunchLogJam_009
2016MbrLunchLogJam_010 FourthJuly2016_001 FourthJuly2016_002 FourthJuly2016_003 FourthJuly2016_004 FourthJuly2016_005 FourthJuly2016_006 FourthJuly2016_007 FourthJuly2016_008
FourthJuly2016_009 FourthJuly2016_010 FourthJuly2016_011 FourthJuly2016_012 FourthJuly2016_013 FourthJuly2016_014 FourthJuly2016_015 FourthJuly2016_016 FourthJuly2016_017
FourthJuly2016_018 FourthJuly2016_019 FourthJuly2016_020 FourthJuly2016_021 FourthJuly2016_022 FourthJuly2016_023 FourthJuly2016_024 FourthJuly2016_025 FourthJuly2016_026
FourthJuly2016_027 FourthJuly2016_028 FourthJuly2016_029 FourthJuly2016_030 FourthJuly2016_031 FourthJuly2016_032 FourthJuly2016_033 FourthJuly2016_034 FourthJuly2016_035
FourthJuly2016_036 FourthJuly2016_037 FourthJuly2016_038 FourthJuly2016_039 FourthJuly2016_040 FourthJuly2016_041 FourthJuly2016_042 FourthJuly2016_043 FourthJuly2016_044
FourthJuly2016_045 FourthJuly2016_046 FourthJuly2016_047 FourthJuly2016_048 FourthJuly2016_049 Greenwood_070916_001 Greenwood_070916_002 Greenwood_070916_003 Greenwood_070916_004
Greenwood_070916_005 Greenwood_070916_006 Greenwood_070916_007 Greenwood_070916_008 Greenwood_070916_009 Greenwood_070916_010 Greenwood_070916_011 Greenwood_070916_012 Greenwood_070916_013
Greenwood_070916_014 Greenwood_070916_015 Greenwood_070916_016 Greenwood_070916_017 Greenwood_070916_018 Greenwood_070916_019 Greenwood_070916_020 Greenwood_070916_021 Greenwood_070916_022
Greenwood_070916_023 Greenwood_070916_024 Greenwood_070916_025 Greenwood_070916_026 Greenwood_070916_027 Greenwood_070916_028 Greenwood_070916_029 Greenwood_070916_030 Greenwood_070916_031


Greenwood_070916_032 Greenwood_070916_033 Greenwood_070916_034 Greenwood_070916_035 Greenwood_070916_036  

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