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LMPS Members Fill June 2019

with Fantastic Boating Activities on Lake Murray

We started the month with a delightful cruise up Lake Murray to visit LMPS members Betsy and Rick Agar. The low bridge was a bit exciting for Lisa and Jimmy Wilson, but some careful maneuvering got them through and on to the Agar's dock where we rafted up for a delightful afternoon. Betsy and Rick treated us to some wonderful smoked salmon and brisket, while the rest of us brought along a covered dish to share. Especially popular were the Dove ice cream bars ─ a great way to cool the day until we found a nice place to raft up and swim on the way back to Flotilla Island. All told, 32 accepted the Agar's hospitality. Some came by car while a dozen of us found room at the dock by rafting along side each other.

The Clouds Creek cruise was a terrific start to June that go event better by the middle of the month when we hosted our first Log Jam of the season at No Name Cove, with 25 boats and 61 members participating. What can be better than rafting up with your boating friends on Lake Murray for a day of sunshine and floating in the water ─ truly the best way to beat Columbia's heat!

We wrapped up the month with a pig pickin' to celebrate of the Fourth of July on 28 June in conjunction with the annual fireworks sponsored by the Lake Murray Country Regional Tourism Board. There was a crowd of 112 squadron members, friends and family to enjoy P/D/C Jim Rakes' pig and grilled chicken, along with his famous BBQ sauce. Many thanks to Ed and Barb Garbe for their assistance with the pig and all the trimmings along with all the other helpers that made this event a success!

But let's not forget about our Fabulous Flotilla Fridays, where members come by boat and car to enjoy each other's fellowship, talk boating, share a covered dish; and, sometimes we even get serenaded by someone with a great set of pipes! Our two Flotilla Fridays in June brought out 16 boats and 35 members to enjoy an evening on the lake.

Check out the photos of our June events below. Just click on the first thumbnail to open the photos full size. Hope to see you at our next event!

2019_JuneEvents_001 2019_JuneEvents_002 2019_JuneEvents_003 2019_JuneEvents_004 2019_JuneEvents_005 2019_JuneEvents_006
2019_JuneEvents_007 2019_JuneEvents_008 2019_JuneEvents_009 2019_JuneEvents_010 2019_JuneEvents_011 2019_JuneEvents_012
2019_JuneEvents_013 2019_JuneEvents_014 2019_JuneEvents_015 2019_JuneEvents_016 2019_JuneEvents_017 2019_JuneEvents_018
2019_JuneEvents_019 2019_JuneEvents_020 2019_JuneEvents_021 2019_JuneEvents_022 2019_JuneEvents_023 2019_JuneEvents_024
2019_JuneEvents_025 2019_JuneEvents_026 2019_JuneEvents_027 2019_JuneEvents_028 2019_JuneEvents_029 2019_JuneEvents_030
2019_JuneEvents_031 2019_JuneEvents_032 2019_JuneEvents_033 2019_JuneEvents_034 2019_JuneEvents_035 2019_JuneEvents_036
2019_JuneEvents_037 2019_JuneEvents_038 2019_JuneEvents_039 2019_JuneEvents_040 2019_JuneEvents_041 2019_JuneEvents_042
2019_JuneEvents_043 2019_JuneEvents_044 2019_JuneEvents_045 2019_JuneEvents_046 2019_JuneEvents_047 2019_JuneEvents_048
2019_JuneEvents_049 2019_JuneEvents_050 2019_JuneEvents_051 2019_JuneEvents_052 2019_JuneEvents_053 2019_JuneEvents_054

Updated 23 July 2019
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