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Cruising Lake Greenwood Again
What a Terrific Time Was Had by All

Once more Lake Murray Power Squadron members towed their boats to Lake Greenwood under overcast skies, wondering if the weather would clear as promised or if we would be turned back by rain. But as on our other trips to Greenwood, the day cleared and we enjoyed a wonderful outing on Saturday 10 August. All told we had 30 members with 10 boats and two jet skis!

David Allen toured us around the lake, stopping for lunch and an almost group photo (Tommy Clawson seems to have gone missing when the shutter snapped) at Harris Landing. If you're ever up that way, this is a great place to stop for amazing food and service! We then headed to "Secret Lake," which is reached by narrow passage after going under yet another low rail bridge. After an afternoon raft up under sunny skies, we reluctantly headed back to the landing where the guys got to pitch in and replace a burned up bearing on Doug Dahlgren's trailer to ensure we all were able to return home safely.

Click on the first thumbnail below to open a slide show to see the fun you missed. Be sure to check out our 2019 cruise schedule and plan to join us for one or more trips next year! You are sure to have a grand time.

2018LMPS_LakeGreenwood__0001 2018LMPS_LakeGreenwood__0002 2018LMPS_LakeGreenwood__0003 2018LMPS_LakeGreenwood__0005 2018LMPS_LakeGreenwood__0049 2018LMPS_LakeGreenwood__0051
2018LMPS_LakeGreenwood__0056 2018LMPS_LakeGreenwood__0057 2018LMPS_LakeGreenwood__0060 2018LMPS_LakeGreenwood__0062 2018LMPS_LakeGreenwood__0064 2018LMPS_LakeGreenwood__0070
2018LMPS_LakeGreenwood__0074 2018LMPS_LakeGreenwood__0086 2018LMPS_LakeGreenwood__0087 2018LMPS_LakeGreenwood__0088 2018LMPS_LakeGreenwood__0091 2018LMPS_LakeGreenwood__0092
2018LMPS_LakeGreenwood__0094 2018LMPS_LakeGreenwood__0095 2018LMPS_LakeGreenwood__0097 2018LMPS_LakeGreenwood__0099 2018LMPS_LakeGreenwood__0101 2018LMPS_LakeGreenwood__0102
2018LMPS_LakeGreenwood__0104 2018LMPS_LakeGreenwood__0105 2018LMPS_LakeGreenwood__0116 2018LMPS_LakeGreenwood__0121 2018LMPS_LakeGreenwood__0122 2018LMPS_LakeGreenwood__0125
2018LMPS_LakeGreenwood__0127 2018LMPS_LakeGreenwood__0131 2018LMPS_LakeGreenwood__0134 2018LMPS_LakeGreenwood__0135 2018LMPS_LakeGreenwood__0136 2018LMPS_LakeGreenwood__0137
2018LMPS_LakeGreenwood__0140 2018LMPS_LakeGreenwood__0142        

Updated 05 December 2018
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