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LMPS Supports Overnight Sail Race

by Lt/C Betsy Agar, P

On 26 June 2021, the Lake Murray Power Squadron (LMPS) in conjunction with the Lake Murray Yacht Racing Association revived an old tradition of cooperation between the groups to produce a safe and well-organized overnight sailboat race. The squadron provided anchored power boats to serve as marks at each turning point of the course, with crew checking off and recording times of each boat as it rounded the mark. In addition, LMPS provided three mobile safety boats and one floater ready to respond to any problems or requests for assistance. One LMPS member also participated in the race as a contestant.

The weather cooperated beautifully, with moderate temperatures, no rain, and steady brisk winds for the sails. The mark boats dropped anchor before the 1900 start, and everyone enjoyed a beautiful sunset. Then the excitement really started as sailboats battled for position while rounding the mark boats.

Nine boats started the race. One boat ran aground and had to retire after being towed off by the rescue boats. Two other sailboats failed to finish in the require time or dropped out. Warp Speed finished first in the spinnaker class, with George Murray at the helm. Scottish Rogue finished first in the non-spinnaker division, skippered by Charles Henderson.

Thanks to the crews of Over Budget, No Shoes and Catalyst for serving as mark boats, Boat US Towboats One and Two and Airborne Lady for providing safety assistance, and Wingmaster for floating assistance.

To see what you missed, click on the first thumbnail to open the full-sized slide show. Thanks to LMPS Past Commanders Fred Ruinen and Rick Agar for the beautiful photos.

OvernightSailRace_001 OvernightSailRace_002 OvernightSailRace_003 OvernightSailRace_004
OvernightSailRace_005 OvernightSailRace_006 OvernightSailRace_007 OvernightSailRace_008
OvernightSailRace_009 OvernightSailRace_010 OvernightSailRace_011 OvernightSailRace_012
OvernightSailRace_013 OvernightSailRace_014 OvernightSailRace_015 OvernightSailRace_016

Updated 09 August 2021
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