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LMPS Explores the Saluda River in Small Boat Cruise

By P/R/C David Allen, SN

Mid-July is the peak of the boating season, so 30 members of Lake Murray Power Squadron in 12 boats took to their home waters to do some exploring. As usual, there was fun, a bit of adventure, and the occasional minor mishap.

In an effort to get a head start on any potential problems, cruise leader David Allen took one for the team by falling off the dock while assisting Kia St. Cyr dock Meatloaf at Flotilla Island, the group's starting point. It was a hot day, and the quick dip took the edge off. Product endorsement: the Samsung Galaxy S7 really is waterproof, just like the rappers in the commercial say it is.

Once assembled, a brief captains' meeting was held and the voyage began. As the group proceeded up the lake, other members joined in until the fleet grew to a dozen boats. The flotilla headed up the lake, took the Little Saluda branch, crossed under SC 391, went past the Boy Scout’s Camp Barstow to Little River Landing Bridge. A break was taken and a number of folks called in lunch orders to Big Man’s Marina. Once docked, the group was treated to some seriously good burgers and welcoming hospitality. The owner even came out and gave everyone koozies! I suspect the crowd will make this a destination for future cruises.

Once everybody got fed, it was time to push on up the lake and into the Saluda River. All was well until Meatloaf experienced both radio and fuel problems. Like the radio wouldn’t receive and she had no fuel, courtesy of a broken fuel gauge. Fortunately, Jay Strohecker saw her and was able to tow her to River Winds Landing with his PWC.

While Meatloaf fueled, the rest of the group cruised up river, past Kempson’s Bridge, the Saluda River Resort and to the SC 121 Bridge. Since it was getting to be the heat of the day, course was reversed and the group picked up Meatloaf (who had to return to Big Man’s to get enough fuel to get home) and dropped anchor for a swim to cool off.

A dark sky and threatening thunderstorm encouraged the group to head back down the lake, racing the weather and approaching lightening. We avoided the storm and the group was treated to a spectacular double rainbow for the entire run to Flotilla Island, where the day concluded.

Another great adventure with the Lake Murray power Squadron! Click on the first thumbnail to open a slide show of a terrific day on the water.

2017SaludaRiver_028 2017SaludaRiver_029 2017SaludaRiver_030 2017SaludaRiver_031 2017SaludaRiver_032 2017SaludaRiver_033
2017SaludaRiver_034 2017SaludaRiver_035 2017SaludaRiver_036 2017SaludaRiver_037 2017SaludaRiver_038 2017SaludaRiver_039
2017SaludaRiver_040 2017SaludaRiver_041 2017SaludaRiver_042 2017SaludaRiver_043 2017SaludaRiver_044 2017SaludaRiver_045
2017SaludaRiver_046 2017SaludaRiver_047 2017SaludaRiver_048 2017SaludaRiver_049 2017SaludaRiver_050 2017SaludaRiver_051
2017SaludaRiver_052 2017SaludaRiver_054 2017SaludaRiver_055      

Updated 09 August 2017
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