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Annual Shake 'N Break Kicks Off
Lake Murray's Boating Season

The boating season got underway for members of America's Boating Club of Lake Murray with our annual Shake 'N Break at Flotilla Island on 6 April 2019. What a glorious day to celebrate being on the water.

It not only was the season's first cruise, but we started the day with a Nautical Trunk Sale as members brought everything from batteries to "bumpers" to a ship's wheel clock. Our own version of a garage sale flowed right into an educational opportunity with P/C Tony Dodson presenting a Trailer Bearing Demonstration. Here members learned how to maintain and repack trailer bearings.

One of the highlights of the day was the Member Appreciation lunch featuring burgers and hot dogs. But before we got to the good eats, Cdr Fred Ruinen held a brief meeting at which he announced several awards, taking the opportunity to present P/C Mike Kirk with his Life Membership Award. Then, following the announcement that Lake Murray had won the 2018 District 26 Membership Growth Award for Division 1, Cdr Fred swore in Lake Murray's newest members.

Following lunch everyone gathered for the Blessing of the Fleet, performed by Lake Murray's Chaplain Mike Charles (a Methodist minister and retired military chaplain), with the assistance of LMPS member Tommy Clawson and Layne Waters, a Sub-Deacon at The Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd. It was a lengthy ceremony as the 77 members in attendance brought out 19 boats for our day on the lake that included Vessel Safety  Checks. After receiving their blessing, the fleet cruised around the lake, with a small contingency finding a quiet cove for the year's first raft up. Dark drove us back to our home on the lake with excited expectations for our next water adventure.

Click on the first thumbnail below, to open a slide show to see what a great time was had by all ─ those traveling by dinghy, pontoon, center console, cruiser or sailboat, even those who came by car and had to catch a boat ride with a friend.

ShakeNBreak_2019_001 ShakeNBreak_2019_002 ShakeNBreak_2019_003 ShakeNBreak_2019_004 ShakeNBreak_2019_005 ShakeNBreak_2019_006
ShakeNBreak_2019_007 ShakeNBreak_2019_008 ShakeNBreak_2019_009 ShakeNBreak_2019_010 ShakeNBreak_2019_011 ShakeNBreak_2019_012
ShakeNBreak_2019_013 ShakeNBreak_2019_014 ShakeNBreak_2019_015 ShakeNBreak_2019_016 ShakeNBreak_2019_017 ShakeNBreak_2019_018
ShakeNBreak_2019_019 ShakeNBreak_2019_020 ShakeNBreak_2019_021 ShakeNBreak_2019_022 ShakeNBreak_2019_023 ShakeNBreak_2019_024
ShakeNBreak_2019_025 ShakeNBreak_2019_026 ShakeNBreak_2019_027 ShakeNBreak_2019_028 ShakeNBreak_2019_029 ShakeNBreak_2019_030
ShakeNBreak_2019_031 ShakeNBreak_2019_032 ShakeNBreak_2019_033 ShakeNBreak_2019_034 ShakeNBreak_2019_035 ShakeNBreak_2019_036
ShakeNBreak_2019_037 ShakeNBreak_2019_038 ShakeNBreak_2019_039 ShakeNBreak_2019_040 ShakeNBreak_2019_041 ShakeNBreak_2019_042
ShakeNBreak_2019_043 ShakeNBreak_2019_044 ShakeNBreak_2019_045 ShakeNBreak_2019_046 ShakeNBreak_2019_047 ShakeNBreak_2019_048

Updated 26 May 2019
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