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Three Boats (and almost a jet ski)
Enjoy a Three Rivers Cruise

It is disappointing that more members of Lake Murray Power Squadron were unable to join our small boat cruise on Saturday, 20 June 2015. Regardless, the eight of us who ventured out the Saturday before Father's Day had an excellent time on the water.

R/C David Allen opted to start the cruise from the landing at S.C. Highway 601 since the Congaree River was too low for our small boats to easily navigate the many sandbars down river from the landing at Rosewood Drive. And while we did bounce over a few logs, the only sandbars proved to be party central for local boaters, and a flutter of Zebra Swallowtail butterflies.

Joining the David and Debra were Cdr Braxton Sorg and Hilarie, P/C Charlie Bruce and Diane, along with Jon and Jeff May. The Mays enjoyed a little catch and release during the day, including catching Hilarie as a passenger when the jet ski encountered an electrical issue. Charlie and Diane followed Braxton back to the ramp, then rejoined our small group, which had turned off the Santee River to explore the Wateree River.

A lunchtime, we found a sandbar about halfway up the river edge of the Congaree National Monument. This is where we found the lovely butterflies. It was a quiet spot compared to the popular sandbars closer to the Highway 601 ramp -- actually only one jon boat passed while we enjoyed lunch and a pleasant swim. We enjoyed a great day boating on three rivers. It was a novel experience for all but David and Debra who have enjoyed many previous trips on this nature enveloped stretch of water that everyone found hard to believe was only about 12 to 15 miles down river from Columbia.

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