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Lake Murray Cruisers Enjoy Southport, Wilmington and Bald Head Island
Before Hurricane Florence Rains Arrive

We had sunny skies and rainbows, but not everything was rosy on Lake Murray's Southport/Wilmington/Bald Head Island Cruise 31 August to 4 September 2018!

The cruise -- or more specific, the tow -- proved a rough start for many, including more flat tires on trailers than anyone cares to admit, engines that would not start, and batteries with no juice. But, as P/Lt/C Bryant Blakeslee once uttered as David Allen's tow rig was dead in Greeleyville, "If it was easy, everybody would do it!"  Ultimately, the trip was a wonderful, boasting nine boats and 24 members, with the Allens and Ruinens enjoying their first squadron cruise with "new" boats.

Southport, as usual, proved a great starting point for the trip, as eight Lake Murray cruisers towed in from Columbia to join one that cruised up the ICW from Little River. The adventure took the group to Wilmington where we encountered a group of cruisers from the Long Bay Power and Sail Squadron staying at the same marina. We enjoyed a great day in Wilmington and hosted a dock party with tours of Surcee.

We next cruised to Bald Head Island. It was a learning opportunity as we maneuvered to dock while avoiding the daily ferry arrivals and departures. Everyone found something to enjoy at Bald Head as some toured the island on golf carts and others headed to the beach. On departing Bald Head, the Allens cruised back to Little River, while some of our group planned a return trip to Southport, and some had to pull out and head home to return to work following the Labor Day Weekend.

Check out the photos below by clicking on the first thumbnail to open a larger slide program and see what a beautiful time on the water you missed. Be sure not to get left behind on our next cruise.

2018_SouthportWilmingtonBaldHead_001 2018_SouthportWilmingtonBaldHead_003 2018_SouthportWilmingtonBaldHead_007 2018_SouthportWilmingtonBaldHead_008 2018_SouthportWilmingtonBaldHead_009 2018_SouthportWilmingtonBaldHead_010
2018_SouthportWilmingtonBaldHead_011 2018_SouthportWilmingtonBaldHead_012 2018_SouthportWilmingtonBaldHead_013 2018_SouthportWilmingtonBaldHead_014 2018_SouthportWilmingtonBaldHead_015 2018_SouthportWilmingtonBaldHead_016
2018_SouthportWilmingtonBaldHead_017 2018_SouthportWilmingtonBaldHead_018 2018_SouthportWilmingtonBaldHead_018A 2018_SouthportWilmingtonBaldHead_019 2018_SouthportWilmingtonBaldHead_020 2018_SouthportWilmingtonBaldHead_021
2018_SouthportWilmingtonBaldHead_022 2018_SouthportWilmingtonBaldHead_023 2018_SouthportWilmingtonBaldHead_024 2018_SouthportWilmingtonBaldHead_025 2018_SouthportWilmingtonBaldHead_026 2018_SouthportWilmingtonBaldHead_027
2018_SouthportWilmingtonBaldHead_028 2018_SouthportWilmingtonBaldHead_029 2018_SouthportWilmingtonBaldHead_030 2018_SouthportWilmingtonBaldHead_030A 2018_SouthportWilmingtonBaldHead_031 2018_SouthportWilmingtonBaldHead_032
2018_SouthportWilmingtonBaldHead_033 2018_SouthportWilmingtonBaldHead_034 2018_SouthportWilmingtonBaldHead_035 2018_SouthportWilmingtonBaldHead_036 2018_SouthportWilmingtonBaldHead_037 2018_SouthportWilmingtonBaldHead_038
2018_SouthportWilmingtonBaldHead_039 2018_SouthportWilmingtonBaldHead_040 2018_SouthportWilmingtonBaldHead_041 2018_SouthportWilmingtonBaldHead_042 2018_SouthportWilmingtonBaldHead_043 2018_SouthportWilmingtonBaldHead_044
2018_SouthportWilmingtonBaldHead_045 2018_SouthportWilmingtonBaldHead_046 2018_SouthportWilmingtonBaldHead_047 2018_SouthportWilmingtonBaldHead_048 2018_SouthportWilmingtonBaldHead_049 2018_SouthportWilmingtonBaldHead_050
2018_SouthportWilmingtonBaldHead_051 2018_SouthportWilmingtonBaldHead_052 2018_SouthportWilmingtonBaldHead_053 2018_SouthportWilmingtonBaldHead_054 2018_SouthportWilmingtonBaldHead_055 2018_SouthportWilmingtonBaldHead_056
2018_SouthportWilmingtonBaldHead_056A 2018_SouthportWilmingtonBaldHead_057 2018_SouthportWilmingtonBaldHead_058 2018_SouthportWilmingtonBaldHead_059 2018_SouthportWilmingtonBaldHead_060 2018_SouthportWilmingtonBaldHead_061

Updated 05 December 2018
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