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Lake Murray Celebrates
Change of Watch on 2 November 2018

It was Past Commander R.J. Becht’s best day ever as the new bridge was sworn in on 2 November 2018. We want to thank D/Lt/C George Theriault for making the trip to our neck of the woods to relieve R.J. from his command and swear in new Commander Fred Ruinen and his bridge. Also, thank you to D/ Lt/C Sharon Payne and D/Lt/C Devon Callahan for also attending and celebrating our Change of Watch.

Before all the formal activities began, a delicious meal of baked chicken, chicken cordon blue, macaroni and cheese, German creamed spinach, salad with fruit, bread with strawberry butter, and dessert was enjoyed by all. The dining room and tables were beautifully decorated thanks to Lt Cyndi Langlois, while Lts Mark Burtis and Tim Barnhill made sure no one went thirsty.

As Cdr Fred said during the festivities, "We certainly created some great 'Moments' last year ─ with many good times and accomplishments ─ and we will continue to 'Ride the Wave' to another great boating year and towards a sandy beach, a beautiful sunset, a wonderful swim, or whatever you love to do while on the water. The new bridge is excited to continue the great work of our previous bridges, so let’s ride the wave in 2019!"

A special thanks to the out-going and the new bridge members for their commitment to making the America's Boating Club of Lake Murray the best power squadron unit in the country. Be sure to scroll down, click on the first thumbnail photo to open a slide show of photos of the event.  In case you missed it, our new officers are:

Commander Fred Ruinen, JN
Executive Officer Rick Agar
Administration Officer Christie Royson
Education Officer Howard Pendley, SN
Assistant Education Officer Frank McKinnon
Secretary Betsy Agar
Treasurer Melody Charles
Assistant Treasurer Wayne Cromley
Past Commander R.J. Becht
Flag Lieutenant Dan Drake
Chaplin Mike Charles
Members at Large: Charlie Bruce, SN-CN, Jer Smith and Ed Garbe

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Updated 25 May 2019
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