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Lake Murray Hosts D/26 Spring Conference
in Downtown Columbia, 16-18 March

It was all green, kilts and bagpipes for the District 26 Spring Conference welcome dinner in Columbia on 16 March 2018. And what a time we had! It was a great celebration of St. Patrick's Day for members of Lake Murray Power Squadron who hosted the D/26 Spring Conference 16-18 March 2018.

The Columbia Marriott provided a wonderful venue for our event, which opened with registration at noon on Friday. By 1300, members had setup a spectacular silent auction, which attracted much attention as it was located in our hospitality room! Prize winners went away with such gems as a week-long stay at a five-bedroom beach house, a day's free rental on a Lake Murray pontoon boat, a signed basketball by University of South Carolina Head Women's Basketball Coach Dawn Staley, snorkeling and scuba gear, and an assortment of other nautical gifts.

Friday afternoon was filled with a variety of meetings and workshops. The Administrative Officers' meeting featured Lake Murray's own P/R/C David Allen discussing the proper usage of the new banding logo. Sessions also were held for instructor recertification, vessel safety examiners, and coop charting. Sgt. Steven Simpson of the S.C. Department of Natural Resources updated us on state legislation and general boating safety statistics.

But the highlight of the day - and perhaps the entire weekend - was the welcoming dinner. Kudos for the successful evening go to P/Cs Janice Ayers and Elaine Price who orchestrated the event. Many enjoyed dressing for the theme dinner, and took full advantage of the photo booth to memorialize the occasion. However, the hit of the evening without a doubt was Mike Urquhart's bagpipe performance. Offering a touch of levity to the musical performance was Lake Murray Cdr RJ Becht, who donned an authentic Irish kilt and greeted D/26 members by throwing beads a la Mardis Gras.

Saturday featured more workshops, ranging from membership and squadron revitalization to an overview of operations training. The day wrapped up when the D/26 Conference convened Saturday afternoon. Lake Murray was recognized with the Distinguished Communicator Award for both its website and newsletter. Lake Murray also received the D/26 Boating Activities Award for squadrons with 200 or more members - congratulations to all who left the dock to go boating with us!

Click on the first thumbnail below to open a slide show of our fun-filled weekend with boating colleagues from around the state.

2018_D26SpringConf_0002 2018_D26SpringConf_0003 2018_D26SpringConf_0007 2018_D26SpringConf_0011 2018_D26SpringConf_0017
2018_D26SpringConf_0020 2018_D26SpringConf_0023 2018_D26SpringConf_0025 2018_D26SpringConf_0026 2018_D26SpringConf_0027
2018_D26SpringConf_0028 2018_D26SpringConf_0029 2018_D26SpringConf_0030 2018_D26SpringConf_0045 2018_D26SpringConf_0047
2018_D26SpringConf_0049 2018_D26SpringConf_0063 2018_D26SpringConf_0065 2018_D26SpringConf_0068 2018_D26SpringConf_0079
2018_D26SpringConf_0089 2018_D26SpringConf_0100 2018_D26SpringConf_0110 2018_D26SpringConf_0120 2018_D26SpringConf_0126
2018_D26SpringConf_0135 2018_D26SpringConf_0142 2018_D26SpringConf_0152 2018_D26SpringConf_0154 2018_D26SpringConf_0165
2018_D26SpringConf_0172 2018_D26SpringConf_0179 2018_D26SpringConf_0182 2018_D26SpringConf_0188 2018_D26SpringConf_0193

Updated 08 April 2018
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