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Report of the Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is pleased to present the following slate of nominees, which we will vote on at the Annual Meeting on 16 October 2020!

These members have been contacted by the Nominating Committee and have expressed their willingness to serve the needs of our squadron for the coming bridge year. On behalf of the membership, we thank them for their service. Let us all pledge to assist them to the best of our ability to make 2021 an outstanding year for our squadron.

Respectfully submitted,

P/D/C Jim Rakes, SN
P/C R. J. Becht, S  
P/C Fred Ruinen, JN

Pursuant to section 6.8 of the bylaws of Lake Murray Power Squadron, the Nominating Committee hereby submits the following slate of candidates for service in 2021:


Commander - Lt/C Ed Garbe, S
Executive Officer - Lt Mike Urquhart
Education Officer - P/C Mike Zafoot, AP
Assistant Education Officer - Lt Mike Charles, S
Administrative Officer - Lt Tim Barnhill, S
Secretary - Lt/C Betsy Agar, P
Treasurer - Lt/C Mel Charles
Assistant Treasurer - 1st Lt Cyndi Langlois


P/C Tony Dodson, SN-IN
Lt Natalie Denning
Kelly Turner


P/C R. J. Becht, S (2021)
P/C Fred Ruinen, JN (2022)
P/C Rick Agar, P (2023)


Lt Cathy Urquhart (2021)
P/C Charlie Bruce, SN-CN (2022)
Valerie Hunter (2023)


P/C Tony Dodson, SN-IN (2021)
Tommy Clawson, AP (2022)
P/C Jerry Wise, SN (2023)


Updated 10 September 2020
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