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LMPS Nominating Committee Seeks Input

 Lake Murray Power Squadron’s Nominating Committee, composed of Past Commanders R.J. Becht, Fred Ruinen and Rick Agar, seeks members to help lead our squadron in 2022 and beyond. The committee is working to compile a slate of nominees to be announced in September and voted on in October.

Members, especially newer members, are encouraged to consider becoming involved in Squadron operations. Officer positions are listed below with a brief description of responsibilities. Also listed are the committees that will need to be filled. If you are interested in an elected officer position, one of the appointed committee chair or committee member positions, or if you would like more information, please contact Nominating Committee Chair P/C R.J. Becht, S.

Commander - As the principal officer of the squadron, the Commander assumes the ultimate responsibility for leadership and management of the squadron as outlined in our bylaws. Committees under the Commander are:

  •  Flag Lieutenant

  •  Law Officer

  •  Aide to Commander

  •  Merit Marks

  •  Chaplain

  •  Facebook Chair

Executive Officer - This officer is responsible for functions described as "external affairs" and is in direct support of the Commander. If the Commander is not available, responsibility transfers to the Executive Officer. Committees under this officer are:

  •  Boat Show

  •  Reference Lights / Co-op Charting

  •  Lake Murray Safety Consortium / Liaison

  •  Public Relations / Speakers Bureau

  •  Safety Officer

  •  Vessel Safety Check

  •  Charitable Outreach

Administrative Officer - Responsible for the "internal affairs" of the squadron.  He/she oversees membership, special events, boating activities and other internal operations. Committees under this officer are:

  •  Membership / Welcome Aboard

  •  Member Benefits

  •  Boating Activities

  •  Port Captain

  •  Dinner Meetings / Special Events

  •  Hospitality

  •  Operations Training

Educational Officer and Assistant Educational Officer - Manages all the education activities of the squadron. Also promotes and encourages squadron members to avail themselves of courses that are offered by the squadron. Committees under the Educational Officer are specific to the courses that are offered by the squadron.

Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer - Responsible for accurate financial reports, financial policies, and overall guidance for the continued solvent operation of the Squadron. Committees under this officer are:

  •  Bookkeeper 

  •  Harbor Master

  •  Ships Store

Secretary - Keeps the official log of Bridge attendance and minutes of general, executive, and special meetings. Committees under this officer are:

  •  Membership Roster

  •  Log Jam Editor

  •  Ensign CorrespondentHistorian

  •  Web Master

  •  Photographer

  •  Email Correspondent

Members-at-Large – Our bylaws require three Members-at-Large who do not have specific responsibilities but are available to work as needed with the officers mentioned above. This position offers a learning opportunity for new members who wish to eventually move up in the squadron chain of command.

Updated 28 July 2021
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