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Lake Murray Power Squadron Kicks Off 2018
With Annual Oyster Roast/Shrimp Boil

About 100 Lake Murray Power Squadron members and their guests enjoyed a terrific oyster roast on 20 January 2018 at Flotilla Island, especially since the weather was much nicer than the previous week.

The day included Cdr RJ Becht swearing in a new member and one of our youngest guests winning a bottle opener and engraved oyster shucker gifted by The Charleston Shucker Company for the raffle.

Before the oyster roast got underway, members met to discuss what cruisers the squadron will host during 2018. Check the 2018 Cruise Schedule on the website. Cruises also are listed on our calendar.

All told, P/C Lee Ayers, SN cooked 420 pounds of oysters and 80 pounds of shrimp. A special thanks to P/C Janice Ayers, AP for the side dishes and to our member volunteers who set up the building for lunch. Last, but not least, thanks to all the members who assisted with the clean-up after eating all those oysters and shrimp.

Highlighting the afternoon was preliminary wine tasting to promote our upcoming wine and dine, scheduled for 9 June at Flotilla Island. We ended the day with a wonderful bonfire and many shout outs to P/C Mike Kirk, SN for the new wooden benches around the fire pit that were enjoyed.

Take a look at our photo gallery to see what you missed.

2018OysterRoast__0001 2018OysterRoast__0004 2018OysterRoast__0011 2018OysterRoast__0012 2018OysterRoast__0019
2018OysterRoast__0021 2018OysterRoast__0024 2018OysterRoast__0028 2018OysterRoast__0035 2018OysterRoast__0036
2018OysterRoast__0038 2018OysterRoast__0040 2018OysterRoast__0043 2018OysterRoast__0044 2018OysterRoast__0052
2018OysterRoast__0053 2018OysterRoast__0057 2018OysterRoast__0062 2018OysterRoast__0073 2018OysterRoast__0078
2018OysterRoast__0083 2018OysterRoast__0084 2018OysterRoast__0085 2018OysterRoast__0092 2018OysterRoast__0099
2018OysterRoast__0102 2018OysterRoast__0107 2018OysterRoast__0114 2018OysterRoast__0127 2018OysterRoast__0132
2018OysterRoast__0137 2018OysterRoast__0140 2018OysterRoast__0141 2018OysterRoast__0148 2018OysterRoast__0151
2018OysterRoast__0158 2018OysterRoast__0169 2018OysterRoast__0173 2018OysterRoast__0175 2018OysterRoast__0176
2018OysterRoast__0178 2018OysterRoast__0179 2018OysterRoast__0182 2018OysterRoast__0183 2018OysterRoast__0185

Updated 29 January 2018
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