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LMPS Sponsors 5th Annual Fun Day
on the Lake for Thornwell Home for Children

By Lt Vicki McGahee, AP

For the 5th year in a row members of the Lake Murray Power Squadron have come together as a team to host the children living at Thornwell Home for Children for a fun day on Lake Murray. Thornwell is a home for abused, abandoned and neglected children in Clinton.

The Fun Day on the Lake was held 11 July 2015. Several vans with 65 children and 10 house parents arrived at Flotilla Island. As soon as the children exited the vans, the LMPS members were ready to greet them and fit them with life jackets, then assist them in kayaking, paddle boarding, swimming, boating, tubing and jet skiing.

The Captains and their First Mates cruised the lake on countless trips with smiling children tubing behind and often giving a thumbs up to go faster. As soon as a boat returned to the dock, more children were ready to board. Some children had a goal of going on every boat and every tube before they left. Many children spent the day enjoying the jet skis provided by volunteers. The children enjoyed riding fast on the jet skis and watching as their friends cruised by on tubes or a nearby boat.

Some children spent the day swimming in the water. Lifeguards – Savannah and JC – were from Thornwell. They were stationed on the Coast Guard docks and watched over the children. LMPS members also spent the day walking the docks and the area near the boat ramp to assist the children in whatever was needed – from helping them get in and out of kayaks, cheering them on as they tried the paddle board, docking boats, and assisting children on and off the boats.

While many volunteers spent the day outside with the children, there were a few members inside setting up for lunch consisting of grilled hamburgers, hot dogs, all the fixings, chips, lemonade and tons of homemade cookies baked by LMPS members. The children took time out to eat, but as soon as the last bite of food was swallowed, they were right back outside to swim, boat, and kayak some more. Before leaving, the children enjoyed an Ice Cream Sundae Bar with various kinds of ice cream, toppings, sprinkles and lots of whipped cream.

Check out the photos below to see what a wonderful Fun Day on the Lake was had by everyone – plan now to volunteer to help with this event next year!

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Updated 22 March 2017
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