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LMPS Hosts Fun Day on the Lake for Thornwell

by Cdr Janice Ayers, AP

Six vans full of children of all ages and their house parents from Thornwell Children’s Home in Clinton rolled onto Flotilla Island on Saturday 22 July. They all excitedly poured out of the vehicles, got fitted for their life jackets, got a safety spiel from Captain Mike Kirk and went to work having the time of their lives! Lots of LMPS members did too!

Wayne Cromley and his girlfriend Cheryl gave boat rides pulling a large tube and lines formed constantly on the dock waiting their turn for the next trip. J. & Retta Strohecker and J’s nephew gave jet ski rides and David Allen was zooming around in his jet boat giving the thrill seekers of the group a ride to remember.

Kids swam and floated between the two docks under the ever watchful eyes of two lifeguards. The children tried out the paddle board that Kes and Jay Crumpler brought, maneuvered the two kayaks around like pros, and came out only long enough to eat lunch and get a flavored ice pop or cold water.
After a few kayak rides with the kids, Callie Dunn saw a couple of the older boys sitting at the picnic tables hooked up to electronics and she went home, grabbed her ladder ball game, and gave these kids another fun activity option.

Sweating over the grill were Tommy Clawson and R. J. Becht cooking hamburgers and hotdogs for the crowd. Inside the building, Angie Tronco, Darlene Clawson, Kathy Glenn and Ginny Swartzmiller prepared the fixings, sides and desserts for lunch. Danny Glenn and Carl Swartsmiller were also on hand to assist as needed.

Oddly, after all six vans were loaded and headed back to Clinton, we collected two beach towels, one pair of jean shorts, a can of sunscreen, and one shoe, yes, just one! So, Janice collected the wayward items and shipped them back to their owners at Thornwell. Someone probably needed that shoe before school starts! Special thanks to Fred and Jeanne Piehl for letting us borrow their life jacket collection and to Mike & Angie for getting them to the island, dried out after the event and back to storage where they belonged.

This day seemed as special to the LMPS volunteers and it did to the folks who visited from Thornwell. For some children, it was their first time. For others, they had been with us before and look forward to it every year. Several LMPS members kindly gave donations and others solicited donations from stores to make this event happen. What a wonderful community outreach and thanks to all who participated in all ways!

Check out the photos below to see what a fun day everyone enjoyed. Click on the first thumbnail to open the slide show.

2017Thornwell_001 2017Thornwell_012 2017Thornwell_020 2017Thornwell_035 2017Thornwell_050
2017Thornwell_056 2017Thornwell_059 2017Thornwell_061 2017Thornwell_068 2017Thornwell_076
2017Thornwell_081 2017Thornwell_082 2017Thornwell_087 2017Thornwell_090 2017Thornwell_100
2017Thornwell_104 2017Thornwell_106 2017Thornwell_113 2017Thornwell_125 2017Thornwell_127

Updated 08 August 2017
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